7th CADD meeting 2018

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Please be advised that the Macquarie University train station will be closed from 30 September 2018 for approximately seven months to enable conversion to the new Sydney Metro Northwest network.  The ‘Getting to Macquarie University’ website below provides up to date station upgrade information.

Getting to Macquarie University

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Final Program

7th CADD meeting final program



Joshua McCarroll

Yao Wang

Prita Asih

Frank Bradke

Brent Neumann

Janet van Eersel

Holly Stefen

Fred Meunier

Jennifer Zenker

Joyce Meiring

Peta Bradbury

Lenka Munoz

Emma Sierecki

Emily Handley

Ryan Keable

Posters [numbered as displayed on poster boards]

[01] Shouyuan Jiang

[02] Daniel Chun Sin Tan

[03] Marco Heydecker

[04] Maria Lastra Cagigas

[05] Holly Stefen

[06] Harrison York

[07] Lu Fu

[08] Yann Gambin