Welcome to CA-SIG – 8th CADD 2019


8:30             Registration

8:40             Welcome, Thomas Fath (Macquarie University, Sydney)

8:45             Zlatko Kopecki (University of South Australia, Adelaide)

                     Targeting an actin remodeling protein Flightless for improved healing of

                     blistered skin

9:05             Manuela Klingler-Hoffmann (University of South Australia, Adelaide)

                    The Emerging Role of Cytoskeletal Proteins as Reliable Biomarkers             

9:25             Maria Lastra Cagigas (University of New South Wales, Sydney)

                    The Actin Binding Proteins Tropomyosin 1.8/1.9 Specifically Regulate     

                    Lamellipodial Dynamics and Cell Adhesion in Migrating Fibroblasts            

9:40             Keynote Lecture 1 – Jenny Stow (University of Queensland, Brisbane)

                     Macropinocytosis as an inflammation hub in microglia

10:30           Morning tea

11:00           Helen Cooper (University of Queensland, Brisbane)

                      Riding the WAVE: branched actin remodelling in the dendritic spine

11:30           Bill Phillips (University of Sydney)

                      MuSK and muscular dystrophy

12:00           Janet van Eersel (Macquarie University, Sydney)

                     Hippocampal network aberrations in tau transgenic mice is linked to


12:20           Lauren Jones (Flinders University)

                     Selective ablation of spinal afferent endings leads to reduced

                     enterchromaffin cell development

12:35           Lunch

13:25           Keynote Lecture 2 – Stephen Robertson (Otago University, Dunedin)

                    The Cytoskeleton in Morphogenesis; Insights from the Filaminopathies

14:25           Arne Ittner (Dementia Research Centre, Macquarie University, Sydney)

                    New insights into functions of phosphorylation of the microtubule-

                    associated protein tau

14:40          Rob Gasperini (University of Tasmania, Hobart)

                     Is the endoplasmic reticulum sessile or motile, and why does it matter?

14:55           Mona Radwan (Melbourne University)

                    Arginine valency in C9ORF72 polydipeptides mediates promiscuous

                    proteome binding that transmits multiple modes of toxicity

15:10          Barbora Fulopova (University of Tasmania, Hobart)

                    Decreased structural dynamics at excitatory neuronal presynaptic boutons

                    in APP/PS1 mouse model rescued following iTBS intervention – an in vivo

                   imaging study 

15:20           Afternoon tea

15:40           Paul Curmi (University of New South Wales, Sydney)

                     Dynamical mechanisms for establishing intracellular patterning: Does a

                    reaction-diffusion system control neuronal polarity?

16:00           Jing Yang Tee (Griffith University)

                     Dynamical mechanisms for establishing intracellular patterning: Does a

                     reaction-diffusion system control neuronal polarity?

16:20           Ramon Martinez-Marmol (University of Queensland)

                    Neuronal architecture under the nanoscope

16:40           Igor Bonacossa Pereira (University of Queensland)

                     Proper coupling between the axon and its surrounding tissue is necessary   

                     to maintain axonal integrity

16:55           Closing remarks and prizes